Our Services

Design & Pre Construction

  • Lot Review & Selection
  • Conceptual Design
  • Strategic Planning
  • Subcontractor Qualification & Selection
  • Preperation of Bid Documents
  • Project Buyout
The design and pre-construction phase of your project is essentially the most important part of the construction process. If done correctly the rest of the project goes like clockwork. If done poorly, the project will be disastrous.. That is why here at Vaussa we spend countless hours on shop drawings, 3D renderings and budgets that reflect those renderings. This sets up realistic expectations before the project starts and illuminates potential issues before we encounter them allowing a smooth construction process once the work begins.

General Contracting

  • Single Point of Contact Communication
  • Budget Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Project Management & Field Supervision
  • Quality Control
The general contracting phase is when the work actually starts. It is here the education in business administration and the experience from both military and private sectors in all facets of construction really becomes useful. Managing the subcontractor team and the budget all the while ensuring each phase of construction is done in a manner, which sets up the next phase for success is a difficult task, however one for which we are well suited.

Cabinetry & Architectural Millwork

  • Shop Drawings
  • Color Matching
  • Custom Furniture
  • Procurement through a Trusted Network of Providers
  • Installation
Cabinetry and architectural millwork can be found in abundance throughout every home, the question is, is it memorable. Our philosophy is that cabinetry, interior doors, and moulding are a vitial part to the homes aesthetic and every detail should be carefully considered and detailed. Most people focus only on key areas like the kitchen, but here at Vaussa every piece of millwork will be a memorable piece of art as well as functional.