Why Vaussa

Vaussa considers itself a Boutique Luxury Builder. Boutique by definition is, “a small company that offers highly specialized services or products.”  Similar to a boutique investment bank or law firm, a boutique luxury builder serves the specific and unique needs of a narrowly defined clientele.

Homeowners often ask, how do I choose a professional to build or remodel our home? Hiring someone that produces high quality work should be a attribute that everyone should expect; we hope that our portfolio speaks to that end. However a quality product is only a portion of the building process. The other key components to a successful construction project are communication and financial management.

As a boutique luxury builder with a strong education in business and accounting Vaussa can check all the boxes of the building triangle with confidence. We know the importance of, and actively execute timely, direct and transparent communication.  We believe in keeping you up-to-date and being available for you 24/7.  It is not uncommon for Beau to on the phone with a client at their project late at night and or on a weekend while doing the white glove test and cleaning to ensure the project is ready for their arrival. Vaussa also prides itself in its ability to create and accurate budget, document changes, and ensure that each and every subcontractor sticks to the budget and the schedule.

We believe in a single point of contact for a construction process and because we are a small company the single point of contact is the owner, Beau. He is the beginning the end and everywhere in between which makes accountability very straightforward.

Think of us as a construction concierge service that is with you every step of the way from the napkin sketch of your dream space to stocking the groceries before you arrive to your completed project. Now we know that it things are easy to say and harder to do, so we welcome each of our potential clients to get in contact with our previous clientele as well as any member of our subcontract team to verify and solidify why choosing Vaussa for your project is a simple choice.

Building a custom home or doing and large remodel is a large financial investment, and huge personal undertaking.   When evaluating different builders, consider all the aspects of the construction process and evaluate if that builder has the education and skillset to plan, budget, manage, and build a quality product through an easy and enjoyable experience.

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